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Creating personal space at the Alcove while giving back to the land.  The property is in private ownership with various levels of Stewardship. 

Each Stewardship involves the right to use a Leased Site and the responsibility of managing that home site, outside living areas and assist with the upkeep of common areas & facilities as needed. Home site areas are carefully incorporated into the areas used by the community.  


An emphasis has been placed on green living and wildlife preservation.

We build our smaller footprint homes and common buildings using alternative techniques such as cord wood, earth bag, papercrete, ferrous-cement, rock, recycled/salvaged materials, even a shed to home.

All homes are powered with renewable energy from sun & wind (and other renewable and sustainable energies), also conserving energy & water and using gray water, biodegradable materials, local production of foods from solar greenhouses with composting, locally managed sewage recycling schemes and local production of goods for financial gain.  

If interested in becoming an Alcove Steward, please inquire about our screening process, request an application for Stewardship, a copy of our guidelines & current fee chart.  

Steward Homes

︎Resident Stewards

may build their own off the grid small homes. 

 Resident Steward - 2022

 Shed-to-Home  Two buildings w/bathroom joining them together. Solar Powered


︎Mobile Stewards

maintain an area for their home on wheels, Van, RV, Travel Trailer. 

Camping with RV

︎Intermittent Stewards

maintain an area for their tents/sleeping cabins.


Sleeping Cabin/Trailer Adoption Program

We have a few Renovation Projects for future Sleeping Areas requiring someone’s Skillz & TLC. You provide the Labor. We provide any tools & materials we may have on hand for the renovation & you supply the rest – keep & submit all receipts of materials purchased to be used as a Credit towards Cabin Fees.  Benefit of Adoption is whenever you are here you get first option to sleep in it. When you are not here, it will be available for others to enjoy.  

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 3.07.03 PM.png

Work Exchange Program

We understand not everyone has an income sufficient to survive in today’s world of monetized greed. We are able to offer limited opportunities for an equitable exchange of Labor for a reduction in Camping/Space Fee charges. Please inquire if this is something you may have an interest. 

Portrait in a Farm
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