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What to Expect & Amenities 

Luxury Camping  

Sleeping Options 

          • Tent Camping – Plenty of cleared space under the Oak trees 

          • Sleeping Cabins, Trailers, Futons & Hammocks – reservations required. 

          • RV Space Sites – No Hookups 

          • Local Motel Information  


Alcove Well Water – soft water, tested yearly 

          • Potable Drinking Water 

          • GreenHouse Shower – use soaps sparingly 

          • FairyTub – semi-private area for soaking & cooling off 

          • Alcove Pool – 1000 gallons of cool water 

          • 4-Leggeds Pool – even our beloved pets need to cool down 



          • CordWood OutHouse 

          • ThroneRoom (newest bathroom added on to the Hawkwood House) 

          • Brick ShitHouse – future plans 



Electricity – Solar Power 

We are Off-grid which means No electrical power comes from outside the property.  We do have several solar power systems on property which meet our current usage. 


Please arrive with fully charged devices and a feasible plan to recharge as needed.


You are welcome to charge your electronics: phone, tablet, small batteries & power banks at the LongHouse ReCharging Station during the mornings and early afternoons when the Sun is Shining as long as we have extra battery power available - without compromising our Alvove Resident Stewards cold food storage. 


The plan for the LongHouse solar power set up was initially intended it to be charging the batteries mainly during the week and using ithe stored power during weekend events. Our usage needs changed a bit when folks began coming out to be full-time residents using the LongHouse daily. We are in the process of upgrading our solar power systems again. 


C-Pap & Bi-pap machines take more power than we normally have to share.  Most likely our current solar system setup will not support this need especially during the winter months when it's overcast, cloudy, raining and/or snowing.  

We suggest purchasing a separate small system to provide power at your sleeping area for charging/running your bipap & other electronics.  You can get an all in one, plug & play system like EcoFlow, Jackery, Goal Zero, etc. They are really nice, work great and are user friendly. They can be recharged with individual solar panels, 110 outlet and even 12volt (vehicle).


︎LongHouse Kitchen 

Bring Your Own Ice & Cooler during your stay at the Alcove.  

• Four-burner propane stove w/oven, charcoal grill, propane grill & a smoker for your use.  

• Please bring your own plates, bowls, silverware, mugs, cups, etc.

• Pots & pans, cooking utensils will be available for use.
*If you require special cookware for your foods - please bring it.  

Beverage Area – Bring your own drinking vessels 

• LongHouse Beverage Area has a two-burner propane stove. 

• Hot Coffee & Herbal Teas - coffee, teas, creamer, sugar provided 

• Potable Drinking Water from the Alcove Well is available  

• Bring other refreshing Beverages/Snacks for yourselves and/or to share. 

*Leave No Trace*  

• We ask for you to take ALL your trash with you when you leave the Alcove. We participate in Aluminum can recycling only.  Glass & Plastic should be taken back home with you to recycle.  



Dishwashing Station - with Hot Water - will be available.  

• If you use it - Please Wash it. If you see it - Please Wash it.  

• Scrape & Rinse Dishes BEFORE placing on the Dish Table: ANTS


Clean Up AFTER Meals includes:  

• wash & rinse all cookware, dishes & utensils used 

• put all leftover foods away 

• wipe down all surfaces including the stove 

Trash, Recycling & Composting - Leave No Trace 

• Take ALL your trash with you when you leave the Alcove.  

• We participate in Aluminum can recycling – Receptacle in Kitchen   

• Glass & Plastic should be taken back home with you to recycle.  


Potluck Meals ☆Create Your Own Experience☆

Alchemy's Alcove PotLuck Meals - October 2022

Planning to join us for an event?

We enjoy cooking & eating together during our times together.

A place for Communicating & Coordinating what Foods are being planned & Volunteers for Prep & Cooking, Dish Washing & CleanUp and Harvesting Wood for fires to keep us warm during Events

Alchemy's Alcove PotLuck Meals 


Outside Dining – Tables & Chairs are located just outside under the Oak trees  


Sitting & Crafting Areas – Inside the LongHouse are several futon couches & chairs and a crafting area with supplies and patiently waiting projects.  


︎Established Fire Circles 

• Wood Harvesting 

• Family Fire 

• Festival Fire 

Other Activities 

• Back20 Hiking 

• Fishing  

• Swimming 

• Star Gazing  

• Meditation Grove 

    -Sweat Lodge 

    -Fairy Circle 

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