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The Alcove

Off-Grid Recreational, Educational & Spiritual Retreat Area 

Reconnect with the earth and each other while learning and sharing "green" practices and traditions, alternative building and living experiences.  Alchemy’s Alcove is blessed to have positive spiritual friends from a variety of paths who contribute their energy in different ways, from work weekends and monthly gatherings to festivals or just Time-Out from the daily grind. 


Alchemy’s Alcove offers shaded areas for tents under oak trees, a covered outdoor kitchen, dining & gathering spaces, picturesque double pond and Back20 acres filled with wildlife and an intermittent creek to explore. Visitors to the Alcove leave knowing they have been in a sacred space offering refuge to both humans and nature in our immediate vicinity. The Alcove is sanctuary to a plethora of wildlife, fowl, fish & other amphibian creatures as well as bees, butterflies and insects needed for a healthy biosystem.  

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The Alcove is a place where we practice personal responsibility. Bring 'Everything' you need to sustain yourselves for the weekend including tents, bedding, food, beverages, snacks, medications, power banks to charge your electronics, etc.   


We strive to be 'No Trace'. If you bring it in, take it out … Remembering to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle whenever possible. 


We are a family-oriented group. We value our friendships, our children and our relationships. Communication, honesty & integrity are actions we strive to achieve. We welcome new people who want to learn new skills in a friendly, respectful environment.  


Acceptance - Not just Tolerance.  All People from All Paths of Life are welcome, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin (ancestry), religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, relationship status, military status, age, immigration status, or serious disease or disability. 


Alchemy's Alcove is a Designated NO DRAMA Zone. 

"Leave your Drama with the Llama on the Road to the Alcove" 


Peace within,  

~Alchemy of the Alcove 

*Fragrance Free Environment*    Regardless of how you smell - You Are Loved! 

PLEASE, Do Not wear fragrance, perfume, cologne, body sprays, strongly scented soaps & deodorants, etc., while at the Alcove. Essential oils are fine. No problems with those at all. It's the chemically made scents my brain just says No to as it shuts down my entire body. – Alchemy 


*Alcove Firearm Policy: During Events at Alchemy’s Alcove, folks are welcome to have Firearms in their vehicles, sleeping areas and on their persons while walking to the Target Range area and back. Firearms & Weapons must be secured in a manner which children cannot get access. No weapons allowed for folks consuming alcohol and/or any other mind-altering substances. 

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