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Directions, Drama Llama & Map 

We’re so glad you decided to visit Alchemy's Alcove 401 CR 176 – Cisco, TX 76437 

Follow this Map 

Not ... Google Maps which will take you to our neighbor’s gate.  


Regardless of which direction you approach:  Please leave your Drama with the Llama on the Road to the Alcove! No Drama at the Alcove includes No Political Discussion – Debate - Arguments. Period. Please Be Respectful. 

When someone leases the Alcove for their own events - the common areas become their home space. They are the ones responsible for the flow of the event. Please be courteous and respectful of the time, energy and love being shared by others. We are blessed to have each and every one of our Alcove Family, Stewards & Friends - including You! 


The #'s are out of sequence on CR 176 - LOOK  for the Black Mailbox with 401 in white. 

☆When coming in from the I-20 Service Rd, about 3/4 mile down there is one gate #551 on the left which is out of numerical order. The next gate on the other side of a big Oak tree is #393 – (not displayed) on the black gate with “NO Trespassing” and “Texas Farm & Ranch Association” signs. Continue 1/8th mile further - on the right is our Black Mailbox #401 with the White ALCOVE gate across from it, set back off the road a bit to allow vehicles to pull in the driveway before opening the gate. If the ALCOVE Gate is Closed when you arrive --- Please Close the Gate behind you. 


Once you go through the ALCOVE Gate: 

Please - Slow Down while driving around the Alcove – 10 &  5 mph on Alcove Roads – we have critters and sometimes children running around Not Paying Attention to what the vehicles are doing, they are just happy to see you! 

☆Keep Vehicles On The Road. Tires pick up grass burs/stickers which spreads them over the grass, tent camping and activities areas. Our Alcove Land Manager spend hours "picking flowers" every year in an attempt to eradicate all the stickers to provide a more pleasant camping experience.   


*Heads UP -》5mph Speed Limit at the Y* 

☆Stay to the left at the Y and stop at the LongHouse for a brief Meet&Greet and to Sign In -  including Waivers. 


☆We have several Alcove Courtesy Carts available to move camping gear/coolers, etc. from vehicles to cabins, tent, other sleeping areas and LongHouse Kitchen.   


☆Tent Camping & Parking are “first come, first served”. Ask if unsure where to camp & park.   


☆Vehicle Parking is Behind the Barn 

Take the sandy road which goes in front of the metal barn. Pull over on the right side of the road to unload in the tent area underneath the oak trees. Vehicles Stay on the Road. Please return carts to LongHouse and move vehicle to the parking area behind the barn.  


☆Vehicle camping (sleeping in your vehicle) There are a few areas available close to the tent camping area just off the road.  


☆ Generators - RV /Travel Trailers, Vehicles or Tents using a generator have a designated area away from tent campers at the south end of the property.   

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